The KCSARA Picnic was this last Sunday at Vasa Park, on Lake Sammamish in Bellevue. An energetic crowd was there to “meet”, “eat”, and “compete”. We had setup a custom geocache, a litter team slalom course, and a potluck competition.

The geocache required participants to change their GPS’ datum and coordinate systems several times. The first and second waypoints were straight forward requiring a datum of WGS84 and a coordinate system of degrees, minutes, and decimal minutes. The third waypoint required switching the datum to NAD27. The fourth waypoint required switching back to WGS84, but changing the coordinate system to degrees and decimal degrees. And, the final cache required switching the coordinate system to UTM. Mark Allen of ESAR was the first to turn in a completed solution, but each team got two-points for each waypoint found after the first, by any member.

The litter team slalom course was hilarious to watch, and a lot of fun to participate in. We had setup a course with three legs. Each team consisted of three people and each person had to ride in the litter for one leg of the course. Only one attempt was voted as incomplete by the crowd. The best spill overall was when the front person running backwards in flip-flops, stumbled and summersaulted backwards. The “patient” was ejected forward, out of the litter, and of course landed on the flip-flop wearing “rescuer”. No one was injured of course, and the team reassembled to finish the route.

The potluck competition was stiff, and we had to promise anonymity to the judge. Pies, cakes, and salads were all submitted. A Chocolate Kailua cake made by Jeff Bird of 4×4 was the ultimate winner.

When all was said and done, the score was: SPART = 11, PNWT = 15, ESAR = 17, and 4×4 = 18. Congratulations to all!

A special thanks to Sandy Ball who organized the location, shopped for the food, transported everything to the site, and made sure the food was prepped and cook to perfection. Sandy has done this for many years, and we all really appreciate her dedication.