The city of Sammamish is conducting their second annual 4th of July celebration. KCSARA has again been asked to help with the day. 4×4 Rescue Council is coordinating Security and Support, while SPART is coordinating a Medical Patrol.

If any members of KCSARA — regardless of unit — would like to help out, either of these groups would love you to contact them. For Security and Support, contact Carl Leon, for Medical Patrol, contact Randy Riggs. The City of Sammamish is expecting about 20,000 people at the event, so we’ve been asked to significantly increase our numbers across the board. We really could use your help!

There are no bad seats in the park for the fireworks. Just about everywhere feels like you’re immediately under the show. In addition, there will be booths and rides, along with an existing skate park. SPART and 4×4 will be pulling together some sort of party (possibly a potluck) as we get close to the event, so bring your friends & family and enjoy the entire afternoon.

Our duties at the celebration will begin at 5:00 PM, run throughout the fireworks, and continue until we get the crowd cleared out, about 11:30 PM.

Again, we could use your help, and your friends & family will have a great time! If you need contact info for Carl or Randy, drop me an email and I’ll forward on your interest.

UPDATE: SPART would like to include that they can use anyone with at least basic first aid. EMTs and OECs will be appreciated, but any member can help out. So come and have fun!