KCSARA has several positions open that need to be filled. I can’t possibly know everyone in KCSARA, though I certainly appreciate every member. I need your help in filling these open positions. Some of these positions, for example the Treasurer, Corporate Governance, Member Newsletter, or Equipment positions could be filled by a Support or Administrative member, rather than a Field-qualified member.

If you, or someone you know, has an interest in helping out with KCSARA, and would do well in one of the following positions, please contact me at president@kcsara.org, or call (206) 227-8161.

Vice President

The Vice President is a position elected by the Governing Body for a term of two years. The Vice President is a member of the Executive Board, performs all duties normally associated with the office, and during the President’s absence shall have the power and duties of the President.


The Treasurer is responsible for all funds and securities held by KCSARA. He or she receives and provides receipts for moneys due and payable to KCSARA, deposits all moneys in the name of KCSARA, and in general performs other duties connected with the treasurer. The Treasurer also produces the annual budget each January, manages fundraising disbursements to Member Units, and cooperates with the annual Internal Review Committee. This can at times be a busy position, and is extremely important to the organization.

Internal Review Committee

We need to have a committee of two people, not members of the Executive Board, review the books. Before we can put a new Treasurer in place, we need to have this review take place. These are temporary positions, lasting only as long as it take to complete the review.

Corporate Governance

We need help from someone knowledgeable of corporate requirements, especially with regards to a not-for-profit organization and the solicitation of public funds. A lawyer could of course fulfill this role, as would an experienced accountant or corporate executive. The importance of this position cannot be overstated, and I know we must have someone who can fulfill this role.

Training Director

The Training Director assists the President in developing training programs and acts as a focal point for information regarding training needs. The Training Director also organizes the Spring and Fall KCSARA Academy and delegates to several Course Managers the presentation of the basic courses required by all individual members. The Training Director is also responsible for the content of the training portion of the KCSARA website.

Member Newsletter

I have been trying to send a KCSARA Newsletter to our membership twice a year, with a 50% success rate. We need someone who can take up this task and make sure that this gets done. Some content is already established and will be available for each publication. Additional content would be nice, but not absolutely necessary. This really just needs someone who can assemble the content into an MSWord file, and walk the newsletter through the printing and mailing stages.


KCSARA does have equipment of it’s own, but it’s been quite some time since we had any handle on exactly what that equipment is or where it’s stored. We need an Equipment Chairperson who can locate this equipment, and inventory it’s location and status. This person should also be available to help the Member Units in acquiring their own supplies and equipment.