I haven’t posted any new blog articles in a while. Thankfully Art’s been picking up the slack. I’m still waiting for Wendy’s and my first son to get here, and have my life in a holding pattern for the time being. So, I thought I’d give a quick wrap up of some of the stuff that’s come across my desk in recent weeks.

Chris Terpstra is doing a great job trying to keep on top of our pager network. Our account representative recently moved onto a new job, so Chris has been tracking down her replacement.

Jon Wartes has organized a couple of trips into the Pratt Lake drainage so his Committee can see first hand some of what they’ve been planning for these last several months. One of the trips will include several non-members who have themselves been lost in the area.

SPART managed a successful week providing first aid communications and support for the Seafair Hydroplane races as Beach Medical. 4×4 made an appearance at the Auburn Good Ol’ Days festival and made some great contacts among the community. Of course, blog readers will already know that SMR had quite a presence at The Festival at Mt. Si Parade.

Andy Rebmann passed on information about a subsidiary of Globalstar launching a satellite tracker for consumers. Reads like a product that would compete with/compliment PLBs, but work on the satellite phone network.

Deputy Kathy Decker, along with our favorite Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Kathy Taylor, will be teaching a two-day crime scene course, including a mock scene, in Kootenia County, Idaho on the weekend of the 25th.

Gretchen McCallum sent me information about Sound Shake ’08 and the Earthquake Seminar on September 27th. Unfortunately registration had already closed at capacity. For some quick information on earthquake response check out FEMA’s Disaster Information website.

KCSO received a letter from the paraglider who crashed on Tiger Mountain August 2nd. Unfortunately I can’t post the entire text here without the writer’s permission. However, the author makes a noteworthy point that personal responsibility includes bearing responsibility for those who come unbidden to our rescue, and the concern of our loved ones.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work these last couple of weeks. I hope to see you all at the KCSARA Picnic at Vasa Park on September 9th.