And here’s a story on a most unusual mountain rescue in Austria for your reading pleasure:
For the past 60 years, farmers have driven their cows to the high pastures at 1450 meters high Pribitz-Alm without anything happening but twice in one day it “hit the fan.”. At 0800 three of the 34 cows fell 200 over a cliff on the trail and were killed and had to be recovered with a tractor winch. Only one hour later, part of the herd were spooked by something and seven cows fell 350 meters. Mountain Rescue was notified and a helicopter was requested. A veterinarian had to rappel down to examine and tranquilize the cows. This was an unusual situation for Mountain Rescue to recover 760-kg animals. One cow was dead, two injured and four were able to continue their trip to the pasture – but in a trailer. (Kleine Zeitung – Graz,Austria)