The Washington State SAR Coordinators’ Association (WSSARCA) is made up of representatives from professional coordinating organizations in the state of Washington directly involved in the conduct of search and rescue. They meet bi-monthly at different locations throughout the state.

Dpty. Kathy Decker took the following notes during this month’s meeting:

  • The Search and Rescue Volunteer Advisory Council (SARVAC) is working with the FCC to find a dedicated SAR frequency for Washington State.
  • WSSARCA will be working with SARVAC and SAR dog teams, to approve acceptable K-9 standards for all SAR dog groups.
  • U.S. customs has air support to assist on SAR missions:
    • fixed air (2)
    • Jet (1)
    • A Star Helicopter (1)
    • Black hawk helicopter (1)
    • They have no hoist, but do have night vision/thermal imagery.
    • They are willing to do transport of personnel from pt. A to pt. B
    • Representatives from Customs will be at the next WSSARCA meeting to discuss in more detail their capabilities.
  • WSSARCA is working on standardizing forms, and offering training to new SAR Coordinators. They might implement a task force (SAR management team) to respond and assist agencies on large scale or complicated searches. Members of the task force would all have taken the agreed upon training.
  • The 2007 Washington State SAR Conference (SAR ’07) will be held at Crystal Mountain Resort in Pierce County
    • Pre-conference will be May 14th through the18th
    • General conference will be May 18th through the 20th
  • Canadian SAR conference "SARSCENE 2007" will be held October 17th through the 20th in Victoria BC.