During the first Governing Body meeting of the new year, several members were appointed to positions within the KCSARA administration. Other committe positions remain open and will be filled in the coming months.

KCSARA Secretary

Mary Beebe was appointed and confirmed as KCSARA’s Secretary. Mary has experience as a secretary with King County 4×4 Rescue Council, as well as keen organizational skills and an attention to detail. As Secretary Mary will be one of four members who make up KCSARA’s Executive Board, be responsible for keeping minutes of the Governing Body and Executive Board meetings, and be custodian of the corporate records.

KCSARA Training Director

Tracie Griego was appointed and confirmed by the Governing Body as KCSARA’s Training Director. Tracie has a passion for member training and communication, and experience in working and training within large organizations. As Training Director Tracie will develop and manage all training programs run by KCSARA, and clearly communicate training needs and opportunities directly to the membership of all KCSARA Units. Tracie will also work with each unit to help them develop their Explanation of Training.

Public Information Officer

Rick Collingwood was appointed and confirmed by the Governing Body as KCSARA’s PIO. Rich has served as a PIO for a volunteer fire department in much the same capasity. Rich will develop and work with several KCSARA committees to present a clear consistent message, and present that message to the public. Rich will also work with all units to help them take advantage of those efforts.

Corporate Compliance Checklist

Gretchen McCallum was appointed and confirmed by the Governing Body to chair an ad hock committee. This committee will develop a checklist for KCSARA to follow to assure future corporate governance. Gretchen has experience as a lawyer, along with work on similar tasks for other organizations.