Earlier this month I purchased a new LED squeeze light, just to check it out. I got my new toy home, unwrapped the package, switched the light out of “demo-mode”, and immediately wished I had purchased two. This thing is great. In fact, I did go back later in the month and bought two more, one for my wife and one for my other pack.

The LRI Photon X-Light Micro is a small, extremely bright, key-chain flashlight that’s loaded with features. I usually dont get thrilled about lots of features, because what good are most of them really. But this light has exactly what you need in a small flashlight, and little of what you dont. As an EMT my favorite feature is that I can easily select any light level; bright for finding something in my pack of course, but also dim for checking pupil response in my patients.

The one feature I wish this light did have but doesnt, is a waterproof housing. But I keep mine on a lanyard around my neck and under my base layer, so keeping it dry really isnt much of a problem.